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Your garden is an extension of your home and, although it's ever-evolving, will benefit from a design and style that suits your lifestyle for years to come. There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating an outdoor space and investment at the beginning will most certainly pay off. Whether you prefer traditional, modern, cottage or urban garden trends, check out these classic outdoor looks that will never go out of style. 

A garden shed doesn't have to be an ugly storage unit simply in place to keep the rest of the garden tidy. Make it a feature of the garden by painting it a pretty colour or staining the wood. Plant shrubs and flowers around it to help blend it into the rest of the space, or place seating in front of it to create a summerhouse aesthetic. 

Natural materials are the go-to choice when it comes to hard landscaping a timeless garden. Whether your look is traditional or urban, the earthy colour palette and organic texture will blend seamlessly into its surroundings. These charcoal-toned, split-face effect wall tiles create a contemporary slate-effect ideal for an unobtrusive garden feature wall. 

Even if you are not an advanced gardener, a greenhouse can make a delightful addition to your plot. If you don't have green fingers it could even be used as a garden room. If you don't have a huge outdoor space a mini version will look romantic. We love this country chic corner with a small glasshouse painted in classic mid-green and framed with olive trees in galvinised planters.

Cook up an alfresco treat with a zone dedicated to cooking outdoors. You'll need a barbecue of course, a safe flat area to secure it, and shelter. It's a good idea to also have storage and extra surfaces. This party arbour with side panels will make a handy and classic addition to any garden. 

A potting corner will enhance a garden both practically and aesthetically. It's a useful spot in which to plant bulbs, grow seedlings and generally be organised in your horticulture. It can be as simple as an upcycled table or more advanced with storage, shelves, and cold frame. 

Artificial grass has come a long way in recent years. It now can have the texture, density and colour that makes it hard to tell it's fake. According to Lazylawn.co.uk, on average artificial grass can last up to 15 years so will make a long-term investment. It can make a great alternative to the real thing if lawn maintenance is impractical or your garden is too shady for natural turf to grow.

Colourful bedding plants will keep garden borders thriving and full of character. Choose classic species that become more established each year. The trick is to plant various seasonal perennials that flower at different times throughout the year to enjoy consistent colour and fragrance. 

Looking for a lazy way to enjoy your garden? A hammock creates a perfect spot to lay back and relax. Plus, the must-have addition to your garden will never go out of style. If you don't have secure posts to hang one from, look for a stand-alone version with a freestanding base. 

Give your garden a relaxed vibe by layering up a selection of eclectic seating options and soft furnishings. Fill the laid-back look up with free-flowing plants that spill over pots and climb trellis' and walls. 

If outdoor entertaining is your thing, a good quality patio area will stand the test of many alfresco dinner party to come. Go for a neutral tone patio tile with subtle pattern to add a touch of character. And if you have any tiles leftover, we know just how you could use them.

A timeless garden needn't be plain and uninteresting. Why not look to distant destination influences that will add everlasting character? A courtyard garden can be transformed into a colourful Moroccan retreat with rich coloured walls and curvaceous shapes. Finish the fun Riad look with evergreen plants, grasses and low-level outdoor furniture. 

Grey is the neutral garden design trend that's set to stay. In gardens, pebble shades work well with every other natural tone and make lush green foliage pop. 

Garden rooms are high on garden design wish lists these days, as more of us work from home, and chosen wisely will fit right into the surroundings of your garden. This classic garden building with a pitched roof and tasteful cladding complements its classic surroundings perfectly and will do for years to come. 

Signature Scandinavian traits such as cosy texture, minimalist design and a pared-back palette work just as well outdoors as they do in. Make relaxed entertaining the focal point on your garden terrace with a white backdrop, rattan garden furniture, layered outdoor rugs and refreshing greenery. 

Homegrown is a garden trend that has never gone out of fashion and lately we've seen a beautiful boost in allotment gardening. Fill your outdoor space with raised beds for planting vegetables, fruit-bearing trees, climbing vines and finish the farmhouse charm with an elegant greenhouse. 

When adding container plants to terraces and patios consider the pots as well as plants. Classic and hardy perennials like olive and bay trees last longer than annual plants so go for terracotta pots and glazed versions in earthy tones that will always fit into your garden look. 

Blending the boundaries between outdoors and in to make your garden an additional room is trending, so look to worldly style to keep your new open-air living room constantly current. Go classic with a monochrome palette that looks gorgeous against the greenery and bring in plenty of bold textures and atmospheric lanterns.

Frame a modern garden terrace with tropical variant plants. Jungle-style foliage like palm trees and banana plants will pack your outdoor space with character and stay green all year round. Compared to other shrubs they are not as cheap but the large structural leaves are long-lasting and will always add plenty of drama. 

Turn a basic backyard into a practical outdoor space by including an alfresco dining area in your garden layout. A small patch of patio or decking is all that is needed which can then be dressed up to suit your style. You'll need a table, comfortable seating, shade, and outdoor lighting for evening meals outside.

A long-lasting garden should be built with good quality materials. You don't want to be replacing patio tiles or ripping out rotten decking every couple of years because you cut corners. This landscaped garden has been built up in levels using composite decking made from a mix of recycled plastic and wood flour – it's easier to care for and lasts longer than real wood. 

Be sure to get the basics right in order to update with trends that come and go more easily. Follow a simple backdrop formula like this urban garden with a decked area next to the house and then a modern courtyard-style garden in the middle. Paint fencing a coherent black to make structural plants stand out. 

Plant a romantic meadow border for a natural look that's ideal for cottage gardens. Flowers never go out of style especially wild ones that entice wildlife so a border packed with colour will grow tall and look more attractive each year.

Take a leaf out of Mediterranean living to create an alfresco dining spot to feast at. The beauty of this look is, the more lived in the better, so it will be more beautiful as each season passes. Lay a classic patio and grow fruit climbers and vines up and around the terrace to create natural shade and intimacy as you dine. 

Durable wood is a garden staple that will never age. Whether you include a teak bench to perch upon, a wooden outdoor dining set or a wood-clad shed or a summer house for storage it will look the part. What's more, they are all so easy to update with a coat of colour if you fancy a change; there are countless exterior wood paint shades to choose from. 

Add a touch of ageless Parisian style to your patio area with classic metal bistro seating. The small table and chair set for two is perfect for smaller spaces and is an easy foldaway option to add a splash of colour. Bon appetit! 

Outdoor lighting can take your garden from boring to beautiful with just a few sensible additions. Path lights will be visible day and night so choose classic and smart designs. Outdoor fairy lights strung up on trees and walls will create a fun atmosphere but try to set the tone with a 'less is more' approach. Finally, hide uplighters in flowerbeds and shrubs for inviting balance.

Succulents and cacti are a huge home trend and our guess is the spiky shrubs will stick around even longer when used in the garden. The sun-loving wonder plants store their own water and so are super easy to care for making for a low maintenance and structural backyard. Arranged within large rocks, swaying grasses and sandstone masonry your outdoor space will exude a 'California cool' vibe for a take on the classic rockery.

A practical garden with zones that suit your lifestyle is a clever formula for a long-lasting outdoor space. Here, Harrington Porter has carved out different levels and areas with plenty of space for each. The linear design draws the eye to the back of the garden, creates an illusion of space and pulls the whole look together.

A strong border will add a clear and attractive frame to your garden. From simple floor level brickwork to heavy rustic sleepers, bordering the perimeter or sections of your garden will keep it orderly and arranged long-term. Tom Howard Garden Design created raised concrete edging beds that make a classic contrasting statement.

Calming colours will turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary when teamed with well-established trees. We love how Judy Kameon has transformed this winding tree-framed courtyard into an inviting and restful outdoor room with elegant vintage style, pattern and furniture that will never date. 

An outdoor seating area to relax will never go out of style and can fit perfectly into your garden design when built yourself. Add a rustic storage bench to maximise space and finish with a splash of colour for protection and outdoor seat pads to keep things comfy. 

Make sure your exterior garden walls look clean and bright to create eye-catching boundaries. Just like indoor walls, a well-prepped backdrop is the key to a beautiful scheme. You can then always add decorative touches like mirrors, outdoor shelves or exterior artwork to add interest. 

The living wall or vertical garden is an outdoor trend with so many benefits – the organic statement just keeps growing. A collection of wall-mounted plants fused together inject vibrant colour, oxygen, fragrance and texture to even the smallest of garden spaces. 

If you do like to fill your home and garden with current trends think about ways to make the features longer-lasting. These gorgeous garden chairs work the rope trend well but the muted shade and mid-century design make them perfect for all garden types and are ageless. 

Will we ever tire of the soothing sound of trickling water in our gardens? We think not! Whether you choose a contemporary right-angled pond with cascading water bowl or a vintage-style fountain that suits a secret garden, a rippling water feature will never go out of style. 

A garden arch will add charm and character, especially to traditional gardens. Pop a bench underneath to create a romantic seating spot or give your garden definition by positioning it centrally as the entrance to another garden zone. 

A soothing and coherent garden colour palette will keep a garden looking stylish long term. Here, Harrington Porter has created a modern family garden that's calming and clutter-free. We love how the silver-toned and white foliage matches the grey-green painted fencing and soft furnishings – it's pure bliss. 

The coveted pergola is a garden structure with so many benefits. It's probably the original garden room with four posts and a slatted roof which creates shelter and a focal point. They suit anywhere in the garden, and make great sun-trap spots, and come in various materials to suit your style, from wooden posts to metal. And, the best part is pergolas look even more attractive covered in climbing plants and decorative lighting. 

Outdoor sofas are a relatively new concept and our love of the 'outdoor room' trend means they will be here to stay. To keep yours in fashion for decades to come choose a classic style that will also act as a dining set with a table. We love this luxurious design that looks like natural wicker and has a warming firepit centrepiece. 

Garden gates are a necessary item to keep your plot secure but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have some fun with the fixed feature. Classic iron railings or a standard wooden style can be made a permanent and attractive focal point with a coat of bright colour or added floral arch. 

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