Basement window interior sliding glass door

WHY CHOOSE UPVC* Great leakproofness* Flexibility of choosing hardwares* Resist cold and stay cool based on different climates* Controling noise* Non-pollution* Competitive Costs* Easy to install and clean* Long working life* High-level safety SPECIFIC.Window DesignEuropean Style

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Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors


* Great leakproofness
* Flexibility of choosing hardwares
* Resist cold and stay cool based on different climates
Controling noise
* Non-pollution
* Competitive Costs
* Easy to install and clean
* Long working life
* High-level safety

Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors



Window DesignEuropean Style, American Style
Product MaterialOriginal Raw UPVC
Property Lead-free (eco friendly), UV Resistance, Anti-aging, Fade-proof, Heat Preservation, Noise Reduction, Energy Efficient
CertificatesCE, ISO, Rohs
Glass OptionClear Glass, Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Frosted Glass,Insulated Glass(Argon Filled), Reflective Glass, Colored Glass,etc.
Window ColorCustom Made
HardwareCustom Made
ReinforcingGalvanized / Thickness≥1.5mm


All uPVC profiles are made of original material with lead-free formula. The stablizer is enviroment-friendly and will not result in any pollution by sulfuration reaction. In addition to that,we choose the matched and stable formula according to different climates to ensure a long working life for all windows which have a excellent performance on anti-aging and UV resistance etc.

Based on a big sizes on wall thickness, the entire body structure of windows will be reinfored by galvanized steels inside the chamber. They also can be a basis of installation for accessories such as locks,hinges etc.All necessary parts are well jointed.

Glass is about 70-80% of the whole window,so it play an important role in thermal insulation and noise insulation. We got single glazing, double glazing and tripple glazing for options.Moreover, you can choose the glass prcess inclding tempered glass, laminited glass, Low-E glass etc.



Regular White Profiles-- Windows made of white uPVC profiles are commonly used in all kinds of buildings. According to climites in differernt regions, this white uPVC profile has a good performance on anti-uv and anti-aging.

Homogenous Profiles--The whole body of this window frames are same color.The stability is good enough during it working period.

Profiles with Laminated Foils--Laminated with foils on the surface, the window looks very nice.In order to meeting many different requirements for both apperance and performance, we provide customers with uPVC profile with laminated film which includes wooden grain,walnut,smoky gray,golden oak,brown,etc. In addition to that, this craft get the function of anti-UV and weather resistance improved to a higher level.This makes it to be a high-end series and well welcomed by customers.

Co-extruded Profiles--The windows only get colors on both visible sides. Compared with homogenous type, it spends less and has great properties as well.

Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors

1.Casement Window & Door
2.Sliding Window & Door
3.Fixed Window 
4.Top-hung Window
5.Combination Window
Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors

Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors

Glass Type:
tempered glass,laminated glass,insulating glass(Argon filled),Low-e glass,heat-reflecting glass,frosted glass,etc.
Glass Specification: 5mm,6mm,5+9+5mm,5+12+5mm,5+9+5+9+5mm,5+12+5+12+5mm, etc
Door Panel Specification:15mm,20mm.

Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors

Shape: Square,U and other types according to structure inside the uPVC profiles.
Property:Corrosion Resistance & Rust-proof.

Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors

The reasonable design for lock groove of uPVC profile make it possible to accept different hardwares.

Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors

Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors

According to some extreme climates,we make uPVC windows and doors with functions of anti-aging,anti-UV and long lasting.

Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors


1-uPVC Profile Production:  uPVC profiles are finished under rigorous production and testing before they go into next step.

2-Profile Cutting: uPVC profiles including main type and auxiliary type will be cutted into 45° angle at both ends.

3-Drilling Holes: The drain holes will be made by drilling machines.

4-Reinforce Steel: Galvanized steels with thickness of more than 1.2mm are put inside the chamber of main profiles as a reinforce.

5-Frame Welding: Profiles with reinforce steel will be welded and combinated by welding machine to form a window structure.

6-Corner Cleaning: Corner become more smooth and looks nice under the help of a corner cleaning machine.

7-Hardware Installation: Handles, locks, rollers, tracks,wind brace and other needed accerrories are equipped with windows.

8-Quality Testing: The finished windows will be under strict testing before sale or shipment.

Basement Windows Interior Sliding Glass Doors


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