C9 petroleum resin thermoplastic resin for asphalt/floor tiles

C9 Petroleum Resin Thermoplastic Resin for Asphalt / Floor Tile1. Hydrocarbon Resin Property Hydrocarbon resin is aromatic hydrocarbon resin, light yellow granular, with good transparency and luster, good solubility, compatibility, aqueous stability, insulation and chemical stability, and with

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C9 Petroleum Resin Thermoplastic Resin for Asphalt / Floor Tile

1. Hydrocarbon Resin Property 
Hydrocarbon resin is aromatic hydrocarbon resin, light yellow granular, with good transparency and luster, good solubility, compatibility, aqueous stability, insulation and chemical stability, and with good adhesiveness and heat conductivity.

C9 Petroleum Resin Thermoplastic Resin for Asphalt / Floor Tile


2. Hydrocarbon resin Property Specification: (C9/C5)

Color (in 50% Toluene)from No 3 to No.6
Soften Point (DC)80-90;100+/-5;110+/-5;120+/-5;130+/-5;over 130 
Acid value (mgKOH/g)0.5max
Iodine value (g I2/100g)60-120
Ash value0.1% max
PH value6-8
Color (in 50% Toluene)No.4-5
Soften Point (DC)80-90; 90-100; 100-110; 110-120
Acid value (mg/KOH/g)0.5% max.
Iodine value (g I2/100g)20/120
Ash value0.1% max.

3. Hydrocarbon Resin Application 

Performance and function of petroleum resin in different industries:   

A. paint            C9 petroleum resin, DCPD resin and C5/C9 copolymer resin with high softening point are mainly used in paint. Adding petroleum resin to paint can increase gloss, adhesion, hardness, acid resistance and alkali resistance of paint film.           

B. rubber            Rubber mainly uses C5 petroleum resin with low softening point, C5/C9 copolymer resin and DCPD resin. This kind of resin and natural rubber particles have good mutual solubility, and have no great influence on the vulcanization process of rubber. The addition of petroleum resin in rubber can play the role of tackifying, reinforcing and softening. Especially the addition of C5/C9 copolymer resin can not only increase the adhesion between rubber particles, but also improve the adhesion between rubber particles and cord. It is suitable for high-demand rubber products such as radial tires.           

C. Adhesive Industry            Petroleum resin has good adhesion. Adding petroleum resin to adhesives and pressure-sensitive tapes can improve the adhesiveness, acid resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance of adhesives, and can effectively reduce production costs.           

D. Ink Industry            Petroleum resins for inks are mainly high softening point C9 petroleum resins and DCPD resins. The addition of petroleum resin in ink can play the role of color development, fast drying, brightening and improving printing performance.           

E. Coatings Industry            Coatings for road marking and road marking, petroleum resin has good adhesion to concrete or asphalt pavement, good wear resistance and water resistance, good affinity with inorganic substances, easy coating, good weather resistance, fast drying, high firmness, and can improve the physical and chemical properties of the layer, improve the ultraviolet resistance and resistance. Weather. At present, petroleum resin road marking paint is gradually becoming the mainstream, and the demand is increasing year by year.           

F. others            The resin has certain unsaturation and can be used as paper sizing agent and plastic modifier.            5. Petroleum resins are non-dangerous goods. During transportation, they should be protected from sunshine and rain. They should not be transported with spontaneous combustion, strong oxidant and strong acid.            Petroleum resin should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry environment. The storage period is usually one year, and it can still be used after one year if it is qualified.            Uses: Mainly used as binder in rubber industry, also used in coatings, printing ink, etc

4. Hydrocarbon resin Inventory DisplyC9 Petroleum Resin Thermoplastic Resin for Asphalt / Floor Tile
C9 Petroleum Resin Thermoplastic Resin for Asphalt / Floor Tile
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