Hualong two-component floating coating floor paint curing agent

Construction Information:Apperance: The main agent is light grey thick liquid                      Curing agent: Light color or claybank transparency liquidTouch drying: <4hRecoat time: 24h-72h (25ºC)Co

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Construction Information:

Apperance: The main agent is light grey thick liquid
                      Curing agent: Light color or claybank transparency liquid
Touch drying: <4h
Recoat time: 24h-72h (25ºC)
Construction limit time:<2h
Mix proportion:(paint/curing agent) 4:1,   Dedicated diluent Item HLX-60
Theoretical spreading rate:0.3kg/ (Dry film 15μm)
Construction way: roller, brush, spraying
Item NO.NameDescriptionFeaturesApplication

Epoxy under coat floor paintTwo-components nornal temperature curing epoxy coating, add quartz sand to be the different thickness floating coating.1. High mechanical strength
2. Good construction operability
3. High flexible construction, strong practicality
4. Compatible varity of primers and finish paints
Surfacer primer for floor mortar and putty except water based and anti- static floor.
HLL-21Epoxy under coat floor paint curing agent

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