Spanish synthetic resin Asa roofing tile/building material

Spanish tile roofingSpanish ASA Synthetic Resin TileASA Spanish tile roofingThickness:1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mmColor:blue , green , red , gray , terra cottaWidth:1050mmLength:According to customerColor:Red, blue, gray, white or customized color Materials: Synthetic r

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Spanish tile roofing
Spanish ASA Synthetic Resin Tile
ASA Spanish tile roofing
Color:blue , green , red , gray , terra cotta
Length:According to customer
Color:Red, blue, gray, white or customized color
 Materials: Synthetic resin ASA + PVC light weight Spanish tile roof
 Quality Warranty: 20 years for fast color and life span
Properties of light weight Spanish tile roof
1. Extraordinary thermal preservation and thermal insulation: The coefficient of heat conductivity is 0.325 w/m.k. 
2. Good sound insulation: It is non-conductive and remains intact in case of accidental discharge. 
3. Excellent corrosion resistance performance: The inner and surface parts of resins both havexcellent corrosion resistance performance, against the rain and snow corrosion, and can be
resistant to acid, salt, alkali and various chemical elements for a long time. 
4. Good resistance to impact and low temperature: This tile doesn't crack after 1KG steel ball fallson it from 3 meters high. Moreover, the resistance to impact under minus 40 °C low temperature is also very outstanding.
5. Excellent waterproof performance: The high weathering resistance resin adopted in the roofing tile is compact and does not absorb water.
6. Strong fire resistance: The inner material PVC resin is difficult-flammable material, and 
it is tested by the state authoritative department of fire prevention, its fire proofing performance is ≥ Class B1.
7. Stable volume: The expansion coefficient is 4.93×10-5 mm/mm/°C, besides it also has a two-way stretch performance on geometrical shape, which enable it to accommodate to its extension even in case of big temperature change.
8. Perfect self-cleaning performance: It is clean and looks new again after being washed by rain, no mark is left on the surface.
9. Friendly environmental protection: Without any asbestos or radioactive element, it can be
recycled and completely meets the requirement of environmental protection.
10. Fast installation: It is light and easy to be assembled and disassembled.
Applications of light weight Spanish tile roof
It is suitable for using in roof decoration of all kinds of industrial and civil buildings, such as the roofof flat-to-sloping projects, high-grade workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, super markets,villas, gardens, pavilions, etc.
Technical parameters of light weight Spanish tile roof
Tensile strength42.6MPaChemical
Acetic aced 10%
(physical volume ratio)
(23°C±2°C), 2h,
no permanent
abrasion or change
High-low temperature change-0.11%Ether 70%
(physical volume ratio)
Vertical burningFV-0Ethylene-blue 1%
(weight ratio)
Oxygen index40%NaOH 10% 
(weight ratio)
Vicat softening temperature76°CHypochlorous Natrium 15%
(weight ratio)
Water absorption rate0.05%Saturated NaCL
Nail force46NHeat-resistance60°C, 6h, 
no deformation
no viscousness
Flexural load800N, 
no crack
Cold-resistance-35°C, 6h,
no crack in surface
Flexural strength77MPa


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