2022-05-26 08:31:32 By : Ms. Tina Lee

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The River’s Edge Community Master Association announced Monday that it closed its purchase of the River’s Edge Golf Course and recorded the title to the property on Friday morning, averting a planned sale to Pahlisch Homes that would have turned half the 18-hole course into hundreds of additional homesites.

Jeff Kramer, president of the River’s Edge Community Master Association, said in a news release, “This is a wonderful day for our community. We saved the golf course, and by doing so preserved a beautiful and precious amenity for our homeowners and an iconic public golf course for the Bend community.”

Here's the rest of the announcement, in full:

The golf course will remain open to the public, as it has been since its inception. “We have big plans for this golf season and the future,” Kramer said. “We’ll start by improving the physical condition of the course and then work toward making it a more enjoyable course for everyone to play, whether you’re an ace golfer or just a beginner. We also plan to upgrade the clubhouse restaurant and make the overall experience of coming to River’s Edge one that will keep people coming back.”

The sale arose out of a settlement reached in litigation filed by a number of River’s Edge homeowners to save the golf course following the announcement in April 2021 that the longtime owner of the golf course was selling it for development. A second lawsuit was also filed by one of the River’s Edge homeowner’s associations to save the golf course.

The River’s Edge Master Association is a newly created association formed to purchase and operate the golf course. Its members are the four homeowner’s associations in the River’s Edge community: River’s Edge Owner’s Association; Upper River’s Edge Owner’s Association; Majestic Ridge Homeowner’s Association; and The Pointe Owner’s Association.

For further information contact Jeff Kramer, or phone 310-384-5008.

Please see the River’s Edge Golf Course website for information about the golf course, rates and how to reserve a tee time.

Hopefully the greens in Redmond can do the same. It will be a shame to see it go to 9 holes.

It did. Homeowners whom appreciated a golf course view will no longer. I don’t think they feel the same way as you do.

This must have been truly traumatic for these dear homeowners… I simply could not imagine someone else coming in and telling me what to do with my land. Oh wait… Renting in an HOA is exactly that. So happy you guys saved your precious water hungry golf course…

our breweries use (& waste) way more water but you don’t have tantrums about that

Big difference between renting and owning.

They can save a golf course but they can’t save an old church from being a wasted space for a Starbucks or any other historical building or house that in the way of progress

‘they’ lived on the property in question. What did YOU do to save the Church?

They didn’t and don’t live on the property in question. They live next to the property no longer in question.

nonsense, the golf course is part of the housing plan

They saved the property that directly affected their way of life. That’s the way it’s done. Don’t just complain… band together and act!

Oh darn! They can’t build more particle board pieces of garbage? I can’t believe anyone can look at these house being built and think, “wow, that’s some quality particle board!”

You might want to educate yourself. Particle board is only used as an underlayment for flooring in some homes, not all, and is not used in any exterior application.

Particle board and CDX are 2 different things.

Maybe you should educate yourself. The cabinets boxes (except door faces) sheeting under shingles, most baseboards and trim, doors, as well as T-111 siding is all either particle board or mdf (medium density fiberboard. As he said, garbage. Not worth the over $1,000,000 these new buyers will pay (after interest is included). I guess paying $3000 a month for a 3 bedroom rental is just throwing it in the garbage so I guess it is better to own the garage. 🤣

Bend voters: We have a housing shortage, we should vote for compassionate blue voters who will change developments rules to allow more housing!

also Bend voters: just not where I can see it!

The Precinct that includes River’s Edge went 66% for Biden in 2020, so even compassionate blue voters are NIMBY’s!

Actually, the best part of this will be watching an HOA attempt to run a golf course. I am sure glad I don’t own a home in there, this will be fun to watch from the outside.

These homeowners saw a problem and acted instead of just complaining. They acted and preserved their way of life. Whether its a golf course or open fields…they own it now and control the destiny of their neighborhood . Nice job.

I totally agree with you hackmo15. Good for them that they voiced an opinion and did something about it instead of complaining that it’s “not fair”. Once you pack every square inch of space with a building or house then you live in a concrete jungle. No thanks

I’m going to miss all those signs on the lower half of Audrey Butte. It really was like living in a Portlandia or South Park episode…a total parody of detached, rich white people up in arms over something so incredibly stupid, compared to all the actual travesties going on in the world at the same time.

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